real food

Monterrosso al Mare

cafe counter, Monterrosso al Mare, Italy

I wish that all of the shops I stopped in here in Virginia had counters like this, full of giant wheels of fresh cheese and huge hunks of prosciutto waiting to be sliced paper-thin for a panini on fresh, crusty bread. In case you’ve ever wondered: everything they say about Italy is true. The people are slightly more fashionable, everything looks exactly like the movies, and the general attitude toward food is noticeably different from our own. I ate so well in Italy. Long, wonderfully exhausting days of walking-climbing-walking were always brought to a close with a delicious plate of fresh, whole food (and, of course, a bottle of wine).

So I endeavor to eat more like an Italian. Less processed, fake, chemically “food” and more whole, natural, actual food. It’s easier than it sounds, I think. Here, we are going to find out.

Tonight’s menu is roasted brussels sprouts and… well, we’ll see what’s in the fridge. (Check back later!)


get animated

The title of this blog comes from one of my favourite songs ever written about being alive and traveling in America; it’s called “The Land of My Sojourn” and is by Rich Mullins. Listening to that song makes me feel grateful and content and blessed and alive. Animate. (Listen to it.)

I wonder if there is a surge in the creation of new blogs on this day, like with new gym memberships?

It is the very first day of a very new year and I am doing something different. I typically introduce myself [on the interwebs] as a writer– lovely to make your acquaintance, I’m sure!— but somehow, that comes with an enormous amount of self-imposed pressure that has, for over a year now, been paralyzing for me. I haven’t been much of a writer and I haven’t been particularly content, and I am just self-aware enough to know these two facts are not mutually exclusive. So writing is ever a goal. But I have other goals. I must. Thus, I regret to inform you that yes, you have stumbled in your insomnia- or exhaustion- or anxiety- or knowledge-thirst-induced internet wanderings onto another blog that will be a lot about being healthy and weight loss and delicious food. Happily, it will also be about living alone, going places, knowing people, reading books, being a working stiff, and my obsessions with music and all things pretty. It will be fun, I promise.†

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